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We sell more major brand tattoo inks than any one else in the industry. All major brand tattoo inks that we sell are made in the United States and we NEVER sell any imported inks. Any tattoo ink that we sell can be varified with the manufacturer of that said brand.


Here we break down all the facts and differences between the major tattoo Ink brands that we sell. TTS rates all major ink brands in the first quarter of each year taking many factors into account including artist feedback. We welcome any input you many have and encourage you to let us know on our blog.

Millennium "Mom's" Tattoo Ink

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Moms Ink by Millennium Colors Inc. is rated the top ink worldwide among professional tattoo artists. Consistency is one of the main factors when using tattoo ink product. The consistency among the Mom's brand is extraordinary. Moms ink has come a long way. From just a few colors back in the early 90's to over 64 shades including the Mom's Nuclear Colors (the worlds best, safest, and brightest black light sensitive ink). Research into the very secretive world of ink pigment manufactures reveals that Mom's ink is checked, double checked, and triple checked for color consistency, flow rate, and pigment life. Mom's Ink exceeds its reputation and continues to grow among the tattoo industry. We look forward to seeing what Mom's brings to the table in the years to come.

Black Pearl Tattoo Ink by Mom's

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Black Pearl is the best outlining and shading ink in the world yet! We wouldn't put our name on this ink unless it was the best. It holds up to the other outlining inks in price, performance, durability, shelf life, and much more. Tattooing on dark skin? No sweat. Somehow Black Pearl stands out even on the darkest skin tones. In addition to Outlining Ink, Black Pearl offers gray wash and soft gray wash shading inks. After ten years of research, this ink has defined black and will be a top condender among the best black inks on the market. You'll just have to try this perfect black ink to find out just how amazing it holds up.

Philadelphia Eddie's Traditional Tattoo Ink

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Taking it back to the Old School when mixing colors was a craft along with actual tattooing. Philadelphia Eddie's Tattoo Ink line consist of only 9 colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Brown, White, & Black. Each color is painstakingly hand mixed and supervised by Eddie himself. These colors are of the brightest and purest pigments and pop off the skin beautifully. You have the option to keep it simple or create your own colors for a more personal and original touch. We recommend these inks not only for its nostalgia but for its pure quality.


Intenze Tattoo Ink

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Intenze kicks ass! Every ink flows nice, pops, and exceeds its great reputation among pro artists around the world. Intenze definitely contributed to making the art of tattooing what it is today. They constantly update their product line and even we have trouble keeping up with all the colors. If your looking for a straight up solid ink, buy some Intenze and start inkin. The kits are great ways to try out some of the colors you would never think of buying, which we find sometimes to be the best. Intenze will always be a staple in the industry.

Starbrite Tattoo Ink

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We find that there is not too much talk about Starbrite other than awesomeness. That must be a good thing because we find that tattoo artists have a lot to say, so if there were complains to dish out we are sure to hear about them. Starbrite is one of those tattoo inks that does not need tons of advertising and marketing programs to put it on the map with Mom's and Intenze colors. Many artists swear by Starbrite. You can sense the old school feedback come through on comments like, "It's just simply great", "I would never even try any other ink", "I will be buried with my Starbrite set,"....... Get the point?

Silverback Tattoo Ink

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Among the professional world of tattooing, Silverback's grey wash inks are among the best hands down. It's amazing how the folks at Silverback put so much care into what they do. Throughout the years, the consistency from bottle to bottle is unmatchable. There are four very distinct values in their grey wash series to shade with confidence and ease. We carry this product because we know it's great and worthy to sell to you.

Talens Drawing Ink

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Talens Drawing Ink is among the most popular outlining ink on the market. It is one of the original outlining inks and still stands strong against its competitors. Talens won't break the bank and will stay true to its constancy and reputation.

Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

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Dynamic is a trusted name in black tattoo ink and specializes in high quality tattoo ink since 1990. Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink is a great alternative to Mom's BLACKOUT and can be used for lining, shading, or thinned for a nice grey wash. Many tattoo artist love this stuff and we wouldn't sell it if it were not good solid ink.